Friday, June 26, 2009

June - a recap

June has been an eventful month! In personal news, we are set to close on our city house on the 30th, but I'm not getting excited until the check is in hand! We survived a building inspection, Laclede Gas inspection, a city occupancy inspection, and a stake survey. Selling a home - and the moving process - is stressful! It makes me realize how much crap we have! A garage sale - or 5 trips to Goodwill - is in our near future.

June also brings Lillie's 10 month birthday! She celebrated by getting her first tooth!

This month, I've also seen more interaction between Lillie and Harvey. Now that she is a mobile baby, none of his toys (or his tail) are safe!

Look at her evil smile as she plays with one of Harvey's beloved toys! He pretends to ignore her by looking out the window!

Another favorite toy is her Air Baby from Aunts Cindy and Laura! I thought about waiting until her first birthday to give it to her, but she loves it already so much that I'm glad I didn't wait.

Another first this month (that I'm not terribly proud of, but whatever) is her first trip to McDonalds. She has been twice before when I've had to stop while road tripping. I had packed a lunch for her in the past, but this most recent trip caught me off guard. We were driving back from Tablerock Lake and I didn't have anything for her. So she had a chicken select and apple slices. She loved the chicken with all those spices in the breading!

Finally, June also brought Roger's first Father's Day. Thanks to a suggestion from Kristin, Lillie made her first art project just for daddy! A box, piece of posterboard, tempera paints, and one baby in a diaper add up to a pretty cool piece of art! She's taking orders for future commissions if you're interested!

Not too shabby for a 10 month old!