Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pictures from February

Lillie's new fascination of the month: our shoes! Doesn't she look so old in this picture?! I have to remind myself that she's barely 18 months because she passes for 2 easily!

Just chillin' with her friends the Backyardigans!

It's time to get up and get to work! Lillie loves feeding the dog, cleaning, and doing laundry - gotta love this phase of being Mommy's little helper!

She's looking a bit overwhelmed at the amount of laundry that needs to get done!

Take a well deserved break and get some hugs from mom!

Some of the best photos come while sitting in her high chair because she can't get away from me!

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why I don't post more often

If you don't know this about me already, let me fill you in on a little secret about me....I have career attention deficit disorder (CADD). It's a severe case. My hands are in too many pots!
I'm professionally trained in public accounting and got my CPA designation in 2003. I dabbled around in that for 6 years (2001 - 2007) before deciding to take a break to, off all things, flip houses and make jewelry. Really? Because tearing out people's old toilets has everything to do with preparing tax returns and wire-wrapping gemstones!
So from 2006 - 2008, I flip 3 houses and work on promoting my jewelry. I mix installing ceramic tile and granite countertops with attending bridal shows and jewelry conventions.
In 2008, Lillie is born (I finished my last flip when I was 7 weeks pregnant and it sold when I was around 12 weeks). At this point, the real estate market is still suffering and now that I have a little one to care for, I decide I need to try something more stable than flipping houses in a down market. Up for reconsideration is my career as a CPA. I find a wonderful firm that offers flexible work arrangements and I work tax season only (February 1 - April 15) in 2009.
In the summer of 2009, I decide that I'm really enjoying crafting for Lillie. Ideas start swirling in my head and I decide to sign up for 4 holiday craft shows in the fall. Not 100% sure of what I'll be making, I just run with it.
In November of 2009, I purchase an embroidery machine and inherit a ton, and I mean a ton, of fabric, thread, notions, and 2 sewing machines from my grandmother.
So as we enter another tax busy season, I'm trying to balance my life as a CPA, home improvement extraordinaire (a bit of an exaggeration but whatever!), jeweler, sewer, crafter, and embroiderer as well as manage my website, Etsy store, sales on eBay, and the handful of personal tax returns that I do for friends and family. Oh yeah, and I'm a mom as well.
So please forgive me! Admittedly, the last thing on my mind is updating my blog!

This photo is from a few months ago, but it's a good reminder of what really matters!