Friday, November 27, 2009

Germany - A recap

Lillie and I ventured to Germany the second week of November to visit Roger while he was deployed to Ramstein Air Base. Here's a recap of our events. I plan to post later this week with tips for traveling by yourself with a toddler, but for now, here are some fun pictures.

One of the many amazing castles in Germany. This one was along the Rhine River.

We took a trip to an outdoor mall of sorts in the town of Kaiserslautern. Lillie experienced her first sucker from the Hummel chocolate store. She was a non stop drooling machine!

A quaint little town along the Rhine River.

The Heidelberg Castle. The weather was crummy - misting and cold - but the views were amazing.

Lillie asked Dad not to pull a Michael Jackson on her and dangle her over the edge.

Me and Lillie - my hot mess of a hairdo tells you just how lovely the weather was!

And no trip to Germany is complete without...
A ride on Mickey Mouse!
Mickey and his friends were in the Kids Center at the Ramstein Base Exchange (basically the equivalent of a mall on a military base).