Sunday, September 27, 2009

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Moms Like Me sponsored a playdate at the Botanical Gardens on Wednesday, September 23rd. Lillie and I met a few other moms for some fun in the children's garden.

Lillie and her friend Bella.
Some shots of Lillie - she could have touched these petunias all day long! She was fascinated by them!

Sharing her piece of mulch with me!

All the girls (minus Esme and Finley who showed up a few minutes after these photos were taken).
The best group shot I could salvage. Sydney looks especially cute!

And that lasted a whole 2 seconds! Back off they go!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Light or Dark?

I have been wanting to hang a roman shade style of blind in our family room. Here's the deal - I love all the natural light that floods through the windows, but for about an hour in the late afternoon, direct sunlight comes blaring through and I really don't want our new leather furniture to fade. I'm having a tough time deciding on which blinds I like. The first is a tan color grasscloth - it matches the wall color.

I'd say 95% of the time, the blinds will be raised, looking like this -

And lowered for an hour or so out of the day like this -

Or should I go dark? This look ties in with the color of the furniture.

And lowered -

Decisions decisions! Most likely, I will not do anything over the top as far as curtains go. I'm considering adding a panel on each side of the set of windows - so two panels total. I'm hunting for fabric and haven't found one that I can't live without yet.
So what do you think?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun in the...

Rain! On Saturday, we headed down to property that my parents have on the outskirts of Cape Girardeau. When we left St. Louis, it was 78 and sunny. When we arrived at the property, it was 68 and rainy. I was sad because I thought the rain would put a damper on our plans to let Lillie roam free and explore - her favorite thing to do these days. Lillie proved me wrong!

Coming into the garage for a break!
Back for round 2 - this time she's shirtless!

I had so much fun watching you jump in the puddles Lillie! You showed me how to make the best of dreary situation that day!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gearing up for craft shows

The holiday craft shows kick off in October and I've been diligently working in the corner of our basement sewing, serging, ironing, and hot glueing my crafts. I get about an hour of work in each night after Lillie goes to bed. I've posted before about these pillowcase dresses, but here are some additional fabric combinations.

Also, I've made these baby and toddler neck warmers. The inside is lined with a waffle patterned fleece. As a bonus, the large size (for kids 5 and up) also fits adults so you know I'll be sporting one of these this winter!

I've had fun embellishing bags. The ones shown are small - a good size to carry around your little one's lunch or other small needs - like a few diapers and a wipe case. I also have large ones that are good for an overnight bag.

These hairbows are super easy - just line an alligator clip with grossgrain ribbon and cover two different sized buttons with fabric. A little hot glue keeps everything together.

I love these little fabric flower hair bows.

No post is complete without a picture of Lillie! Here she is modeling the flower hair bow.

Most of my fabrics are by Amy Butler. Her fabrics are so fun to coordinate. Let me know which item you like best and what you think a fair price is. I have no idea what the reception is going to be so your comments will help me prepare for the shows.
You can find me at the following shows:
Oct 24 & 25 - Fall Arts & Craft Show at Sperreng Middle School
Nov 21 & 22 - Parkway South Band Holiday Craft Show
Dec 5 & 6 - Oakville Band Holiday Craft Show
Dec 12 - Lutheran High School South Craft Show