Saturday, December 19, 2009

3rd Annual Gingerbread House Making Party

Once again, my holiday season would not be complete without our annual gingerbread house making party! And yet again, Lisa served a yummy brunch while our houses baked and cooled. We have all agreed that our houses continue to get better and more creative with each year that passes.

Trina just bought a house earlier this year and it was only appropriate that her gingerbread house be modeled after her own house. My favorite part about Trina's house was her cute porch and entryway!
Mine - My theme was randomness this year! I decided to pick a color scheme of red, green, yellow, and white and I just ran with it. My favorite part was making the pretzel fence.

Mary Kay's house featured 2 gingerbread men and 2 santas (I don't want to be there when her kids ask about the 2 santas part!). My favorite parts of MK's house are her covered porch and her tree with the green glitter garland.

I had to keep myself from watching Jodi make her house because I kept wanting to steal her ideas! My two favorite parts are the snowman complete with a Necco wafer hat and her sled fashioned out of two mini candy canes and a cracker (I stole the latter idea).

Karen's house was classy this year! I felt like her design was simple but effective. My favorite parts include the arched door and the sour octopus taking a swim!

Lisa was going for a lodge theme and I think she pulled it off. Lisa won "Best in Show" this year! My favorite parts are the pretzel fence and the pretzel sides. I thought it looked like a rustic, cabin-like, gingerbread house!

This is my attempt to play around with some close up shots.
Santa sledding by MK's house while a gingerbread man watches in the distance (he's kind of creepy looking from this angle).

Jodi's walkway and snowman.

Creepy gingerbread man alert!

Trina's house - wouldn't this make a cute "I've Moved" card!

Reason #211 why an SLR would be great - no more blurry photos! Still a cute shot though!


~aj~ said...

You girls are amazing!

You are going to fall out of your chair laughing when you see how ours turned out. YIKES!

Kristin said...

Dang you girls don't mess around! These look AWESOME!

Mary Kay said...

My gingerbread men are NOT creepy!! You all are jealous because your houses are vacant and no upstanding gingerbread man or woman would live there!

Diana said...

They all came out awesome. I am so sad I missed it this year. I will definitely have to make it out next year!