Monday, December 28, 2009

A day in the life of Lillie

Note from mom: I'm experimenting with my new camera - a Christmas present from my parents. Merry Christmas to me!

Here's a peek into Lillie's daily life!
Wake up and come downstairs to drink milk and stumble across the box of wheat thins that mom and dad accidentally left out from the night before:

Back to looking cute!

Torment and cuddle with Harvey!

Play with my new Christmas gifts, including this tunnel from Grandma and Grandpa.

Breakfast and lunch are pretty uneventful, but dinner was a blast! Mom says I'll eat anything dipped in ketchup! Here I am going in for the dip:

So close I can taste it:

We have success!

Mission Accomplished!

Finish off with a good clean up from Harvey!

Thanks for checking in on me! xoxo Lillie


Jessica said...

Gorgeous pics and Lillie is so sweet and beautiful! Love the ketchup idea...sounds a little healthier than ceasar dressing that Soren seems to like. We have a tunnel, too, and it is one of his favorite things to play with! Have fun with your new camera and see you soon!

Cecilia said...

LOVE the big ketchup grin. She is adorable!!

Michelle said...

She is adorable, and such a happy little girl!

Anonymous said...

Lillie lovin' on Harvey is too sweet. :)

Kristin said...

Yay Lillie has enough hair for a barrett!! She's so cute :) Bella says 'woo WOO!' to the ketchup & doggy clean-up :)

Maria said...

She is such a sweetie!!!

Erica said...

Oh so sweet! Especially the ketchup face!